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I believe life is for living, not driving traffic to your website by posting on Social Networks, which can take up too much time.

I have designed and developed my own system that does 99% of the work for me, freeing up my precious time so that I can enjoy life or work on new and excitiing ideas.

Now I work to live, not live to work :)
I own and maintain 50 websites, 70 Facebook Pages and 4 YouTube Channels. The work was too much for me so I developed a piece of software in Java to help me.

It handles my email subscribers lists for me allowing me to easily send out emails to all of my subscribers.

It does all of my posting on on my social network profiles, which automatically drives thousands of people to my websites.

It also creates my music magazines for me and uploads them everywhere they are needed; this used to take 2 weeks in my spare time, now it only takes an hour.
Below is a list of some of my Websites, Facebook Pages and YouTube Channels
Spotted: Ghosts
Spotted: Aliens and UFOs
Apocalypse Preparation UK
MeloSounds Music Magazine
Castles and Fortresses
Martial Arts Fights
Butch Da Bulldog
Eminem Videos
Spotted: Angels
Taekwondo Training
Eat Sleep Breathe MMA
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